Home decorations of Ceramiche Ferraro

42-f oroCeramiche Ferraro of Bassano del Grappa once again presents a wide collection of new proposals for this year's spring. Items for the home that make your interiors colorful and sumptuous. In this short preview you can enjoy a few examples, menwhile if you want to see the entire collection visit their new website:


Ceramic birds, by Rebirthceramics

rebirthRebirth Ceramics' birds give spaces a touch of happiness and carefree, thanks to a masterfully molding that take care of each single detail and thanks also to the contemporary decoration obtained through the use of mat colours.

These mat colours give to the owls, upupes, kingfishers and parrots a feeling of softness: in this way their body appear more realistic and it seems they are ready to fly away with a flutter of wings. So courageus this new reinterpretation by Rebirth Ceramics, that opens an unreleased dialog between antique forms and happy mat colours through this collection. Infact the collection consists also in groups of figures, lamps, panels and chandelier inspired by the Baroque era.


Reportage from HOMI January 2017 Milan - Italy

01d-zampivaPublishing some photos taken during the January 2017 edition . The subjects are obviously made of ceramic or porcelain: that is what interests our readers.

Among the changes, I highlight some collections:

Zampiva, presents this edition a fantastic chessboard made with dogs and cats, then they start to produce a new collection of tableware, worked in relief. When you enter the stand of Zampiva (also known as Pastelceramica) it seems to be sitting at the edge of the arena of a circus: large ceramic clowns stand out perched above brightly coloured bins. Taking a better look around, this world of fantasy is enriched by other characters such as wizards, fairies and dolls that bring joy and care-freeness.


Paloma, creating a shape by BS Ceramiche Battocchio

paloma-ceramicsPaloma, crating a shape by BS Ceramiche Battocchio

Inspired by the world of fashion , BS Ceramiche Battocchio created this model; A design of a dress takes an ideal sensual form. Soft ceramic moulded curves are enhanced by glazes and precious metals add a touch of class to the ambiences that will host Paloma, another creation that BS Ceramiche Battocchio adds to its furnishing accessories collection dedicated to luxury.


Formal dinner service

servizio-tavola-capodimonte-2Since the Roman times, in Patrician homes , time spent around the dining table was not only dedicated to eating but was also an opportunity to show guests the grandeur of the house and the rank of the family.

Over the years this display has had its evolution, from architecture to the dining table services, all were to be the most sought after.

Guests were to be taken by surprise in everyway starting with the long tree-lined avenues of the country villas, for example Palladio’s and his successors’ beautiful Venetian villas , and continuing the startle by means of the interior decoration and above all the dining table service.