Porcelain hand-painted cat, designed by ICIO

02-porcelain-catIn the Studio of Nuova Triade Porcelain, taken some photos of the hand-painted porcelain cats, designed by ICIO, production by Nuova Traide Porcelain.

Shooting in a studio is always like discorver the deep part of the designer, where ICIO works is a place close to Bassano del Grappa a small town in the north east of Italy, close to a river, a nice place to create and work. If you have the chance visit him and the studio of Nuova Triade Porcelain, they are so nice and will be happy to show how they work and their creation.


Washbasin - Over The Top - Vela Model by Ferruccio De Mori Designer

This bathroom sink in Greslast®, designed by the designer Ferruccio De Mori, among washbasins designed by him is perhaps the one that best combines versatility with trendy design, the rectangular shape with raised edges of the sink to this lightweight feel of a sail.
It can be supplied for semi-professionals or finished for resellers and / or private (www.cerartech.it), this to give choice to end customers and to the industry of choose their personalized decoration, or to study, together with staff of Ada De Mori Bottega Artigiana an exclusive line to offer to its customers.
The measures are: length 60 cm, depth 43 cm and 18 cm height outside max - min. 12 cm.


Ceramic jewelry by Ada De Mori

Gioielli in ceramica by Ada De Mori

Ceramic jewelry. These glazed ceramic jewelry are the result of years of work on glazes.

The ceramic jewelry Ada De Mori represent little worlds that your eyes can discover in the smallest detail.

True ceramic jewelry.


Technical ceramics

Ceramica tecnica by MPM Technology

Technical Ceramics can be used in various industrial sectors. It has high resistance to temperatures upto 1300° , usage and abrasions . It is 100% impermeable and has a remarkable mechanical duration.
Under the current regulations Technical Ceramics is considered to be an "Inert Material" and as a result it is non polluting. Nozzles, spools, slabs, sprockets , filters , tubes etc can be made out of technical ceramics.