Ceramic jewelry by Ada De Mori


The thread that binds these two generations of artists is the thread that unites these two art forms, Ferruccio and Ada, daughter and father create the jewel in perfect harmony .
Ceramic cabochon glazed in which we find all the colors of Mother Earth, in which the focus crystallizes the colors , poetry on the subject.
This is the work of the Master Ferruccio De Mori who I call "the poet of colors". Thin strands interwoven colored beads, precious Swarovski with such grace and elegance of a woman adorn the colored cabochon, she is Ada De Mori who so lovingly enshrines the works of his father.

Danilo Rigon


Our surfaces with their unique colors that are imprinted into cabochons, spheres, circles ... encountered materials such as crystals, pearls, silver, and velvet yarn .
They marry with simple techniques that come from far away in time and tradition. They weave small dreams, joy to wear. The talent, taste, craftsmanship create mesmerizing jewelry unique and unrepeatable who know how to give space to the imagination of those who look at them.
Each piece is unique and once sold will not be repeated, now our jewelry are also visible at ViArt in Vicenza, in the Palazzo del Monte di Pietà in Contra del Monte, 13 .
You can order them to www.ceramics.it/gioielli-con-il-cuore
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