More Clay Less Plastic, call for entries 2022

mclp-250ABOUT US

MORE CLAY LESS PLASTIC was born in 2014 as an open group on Facebook with the intent of creating a network between ceramicists and the public.


The message we want to put through is very simple: more clay less plastic.


Plastic pollution has reached dramatic levels. Reducing the use of plastic is a fundamental and urgent step to save the environment and improve the life quality of every living creature.


The aim is to highlight respect for the environment by inviting people to rethink their daily habits, for example by avoiding disposable plastic. Colanders, cups, plates, bowls ... once made of clay and then substituted with plastic, can be made of clay again.


Water - fluid of life June 8th to 16th 2019 Plitvice lakes in Croatia

Water - fluid of life June 8th to 16th 2019.
organized by International ceramic centre atelier Janja Gora and Lou Smedts at National park Plitvice lakes in Croatia

The theme of the exhibition is water in all its aspects and forms. Water as a universal life force, life's fluid, source of inspiration. And what better place to get inspired and to experience this force but the Plitvice lakes, a national
park with 16 falling lakes and countless waterfalls in the midst of Lika region, Croatian highlands.

Lately, water has been studied not only by scientists but also by explorers, artists, philosophers and ecologists. They study the phenomenon of water, they try to explain all the extraordinary qualities that make this fluid specific and unique to this planet and universe. Given those recent discoveries we learn that water has the power to heal as well as destruct, it has a process of self-cleansing, it is a bearer of important biological information and it has memory!


Soft snow whites, an insight into the world of Helene Kirchmair

00-helene-kirchmairBy car we left from Bassano del Grappa to Hall in Tirol, a beautiful town nearby Innsbruck (Austria) to see Helene Kirchmair's solo-exhibition "Object trouvé".

Marco Maria Polloniato proposed to me going for it's very last day on Saturday, January 12th. So many kilometers to go and see an exhibition that closed the same day, with all the risks associated with any travel mishaps through the snowy Alps, was almost a challenge, but knowing the good insights of Marco and his excellent taste, I came with him without hesitating! Ceramic artist Marco Bolzenhagen also joined our trip.

When we arrived in the late afternoon,Helene Kirchmair welcomed us with open arms, but we had to hurry, the exhibition was almost closing, and there was only little time left to admire her body of work.




An Exhibition Promoted by Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
Manifesta 12 Palermo, collateral event

Teatro Massimo, Sala Pompeiana
Piazza Verdi, Palermo

The exhibition will be open to the public June 18 – September 19, 2018, from 9.30AM to 6PM


"Sometimes I look east, sometimes I look west" Milan Italy 24th Jamuary 14th March 2018

01-bouke de viesOpening and press preview: Tuesday 23rd January, 6.30pm > 9.00pm

From 24th January to 14th March 2018 Officine Saffi is pleased to present Bouke de Vries solo show.
The practice of London-based Dutch-born artist Bouke de Vries perfectly reflects our time, feeding on the contemporary paradox of beauty: a spasmodic research of uniqueness and perfection wrapped in the aesthetic banalization of consumerism. His artistic vision stems from his own experience as a ceramics conservator. De Vries refutes the underlying western attitude that once something is broken it is only fit to be discarded. Even those who take care of preserving works of art often choose to disguise as much as possible the memory of the suffered trauma. Instead he considers himself closer to the Chinese and Japanese tradition of repairing important objects so that the breakage is celebrated, rather than hidden. "I want to give these objects, which are regarded as valueless, a new story and move their history forwards," he has said. "A broken object can still be as beautiful as a perfect object," he adds, citing the Venus de Milo, armless but still venerated.


"Una forza interiore" Ugo La Pietra - Milan 15th Nov. to 22th Dic. 2017

1 Una-forza-interiore-Ugo-La-PietraUNA FORZA INTERIORE
Ugo La Pietra
curated by Flaminio Gualdoni

OPENING: Tuesday 14th November, 18.30 > 21.00

From November 15th until December 22nd, Officine Saffi will host a solo show dedicated to Ugo La Pietra's ceramics. "Una forza interiore (An inner strenght)" - curated by Flaminio Gualdoni - virility as sculptural energy, that generates shapes and volumes through a series of vessels, sculptures, votive figures and photographs.


Roberto Rigon "Chromatica" sculpture & graphics - Bassano del Grappa (Italy) 2nd June - 2nd July 2017

roberto-rigon-600Roberto Rigon "Chromatic" Sculpture and Graphics
Guard House – Castello degli Ezzelini, Bassano del Grappa / Vicenza) Italy
2nd June – 2nd July 2017
Vernissage Friday 2nd June, 11.00 am

Roberto Rigon is being revealed to the public after many decades of work and personal artistic research, most of which is unpublished. The exhibition will take place from the 2nd of June to the 2nd of July at the ancient Guard House of Ezzelini Castle in Bassano del Grappa. It will allow the visitors to get close to a selection of achievements in sculpture and graphics from the 50s until now.


Puls Gallery, exibition of Irina Razumovskaya and Ida Wieth - Brussels, April 29th to June 3rd 2017

puls-ceramics-3255Puls Contemporary Ceramics -- Annette Sloth
Rue du Page 19 Edelknaapstraat (Châtelain) B-1050 Brussels
Opening hours: Wed to Sat 13 to 18
+32 (0)2 640 26 55 / +32 (0)494 836 055
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. --

OPENING 29/04/17 FROM 17:00 TO 20:00
EXHIBITION 29/04/17 UNTIL 03/06/17

Puls Gallery is delighted to present two young talented artists: Russian ceramicist and painter Irina Razumovskaya and Danish glass maker Ida Wieth.


Maya "the language of beauty" Verona Italy 2016/2017

maya-008Maya "the langauge of beauty"

 Ended March 5, 2017 in Verona the Maya art exposition.

Organized by Arthemisia Group and Kornice, realized by INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History), the most important institution of the Ministry of Culture of Mexico and curated by Antonio Aimi and Karina Romero Blanco.

An exhibition with over 250 artefacts of great artistic and historical worth. E e decided to publish only the ceramic part, because this is the main interest of our web- portal.


Michael Fargo & Tessa Eastman at Puls Contemporary Ceramics 11/03/2017 - 15/04/201

michael fargo-tessa eastmanFor the next exhibition, Puls is delighted to introduce a new body of work by two dynamic women at the vanguard of the British contemporary ceramic art scene.

Both artists are London based and MA graduates of London's Royal College of Art. In their relatively short career they have been able to impress many with their originality, skill and above all with a daring new approach to the art form.

TESSA EASTMAN (United Kingdom, 1984)

The meticulously hand built cloud bundles and complex crystal formations created by Tessa Eastman have found a serious following among collectors and gallery owners. Each one of her pieces appears curiously alive with movement. Building her shapes Eastman draws inspiration from organic forms as seen through a microscope. The artist explores the strangeness of growth of natural phenomena in which systems flow and digress from an intended pattern. She subsequently attempts to translate her findings in colourful glazed ceramics. Grouping her works highlights the contrast and creates a dialogue between pieces whereby negative space is valued as much as positive space.