Puls Gallery, exibition of Irina Razumovskaya and Ida Wieth - Brussels, April 29th to June 3rd 2017

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OPENING 29/04/17 FROM 17:00 TO 20:00
EXHIBITION 29/04/17 UNTIL 03/06/17

Puls Gallery is delighted to present two young talented artists: Russian ceramicist and painter Irina Razumovskaya and Danish glass maker Ida Wieth.

IRINA RAZUMOVSKAYA (Leningrad, 1990)

Razumovskaya is a ceramic artist and painter. Her relationship with art was formed in her early childhood: from the age of five she followed art classes at the Hermitage Museum in her hometown St. Petersburg and still today visits as often as possible. Another strong influence came from studying classical languages at the gymnasium. This led to a love for ancient objects and the classical architecture and culture which accompanied them. She says: I try to see myself as a maker with similar sensibilities to those of craftsmen and draftsmen of bygone eras.

Attentive to nuances Razumovskaya is thrilled by the poetry of everyday life.
At the core of her practice is the use of delicate imagery, like the ageing of architecture where rigid things are softened with the touch of time. Or the antiquated objects for uncertain rituals performed by unknowable participants and which we no longer remember how to use.

Making "Barkskin" - the series of works presented at Puls - Irina was partly inspired by a wistful longing for the post-soviet times: the subtle dilapidation of stark unadorned constructivist forms which over time have become eased and animated by their peeling layers. These soviet structures once bold and futuristic and built with uncompromising visual grammar, have through neglect and decay become lyrical.

Razumovskaya: - I come to these forms through research on various cultures and always bear in mind their reflection on my own reality, my everyday life. This way every artwork has a personal meaning for me. For the viewer however, I prefer the experience to be more ambiguous and open to various interpretations and possibilities.

Her work has been exhibited both in Russia and internationally. She has featured in various exhibitions, won several awards and held residencies in Germany, Spain, the USA, Hungary and Taiwan. She is currently completing her second Master's Degree at the Royal College of Art in London.

IDA WIETH (Copenhagen, 1983)

Ida Wieth combines the conceptual poetical of the artist with the technical knowledge of materials and techniques of the artisan. She uses both glass and ceramics and sometimes wood to bring forth aesthetic innovation. Wieth's artisan persona blows and pulls "straight lines" of hot glass into hollow tubes to form fragile structural layers. These layers are then re-shaped, re-melted and assembled with thin copper wire before being paired with ceramic tubes, revealing her conceptual approach.

Wieth's idea for the series springs from both the found and made - and from persistent observations of seeing and valuing things from more than one perspective. The sculptures in her series "Both Sides Now" relate to composite and eclectic elements within things - how there is always another side, and how this can come across differently depending on preconception, perspective and sensory perception.

The copper wire that connects the two sides, is of the same origin and appears in both its fired and unfired clear form. This too, emphasises the variability of perception seized from processed and assembled material.

Wieth studied in Edinburgh, Sweden and Denmark. Her work has been mostly shown in Denmark and Japan.



Puls was founded in 2000 and is the only gallery exclusively dedicated to world class contemporary ceramics in Belgium. For 17 years PULS owner Annette Sloth has offered a guiding role in building collections with art collectors worldwide. The gallery hosts 7 duo exhibitions per year, often pairing the top of the ceramic art world with emerging artists.

Press is invited to the vernissage in the presence of the artists on Saturday 29 April 2017 from 17.00 onwards. For questions, previews/ images or private interviews with the artists you are kindly requested to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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