Soft snow whites, an insight into the world of Helene Kirchmair

00-helene-kirchmairBy car we left from Bassano del Grappa to Hall in Tirol, a beautiful town nearby Innsbruck (Austria) to see Helene Kirchmair's solo-exhibition "Object trouvé".

Marco Maria Polloniato proposed to me going for it's very last day on Saturday, January 12th. So many kilometers to go and see an exhibition that closed the same day, with all the risks associated with any travel mishaps through the snowy Alps, was almost a challenge, but knowing the good insights of Marco and his excellent taste, I came with him without hesitating! Ceramic artist Marco Bolzenhagen also joined our trip.

When we arrived in the late afternoon,Helene Kirchmair welcomed us with open arms, but we had to hurry, the exhibition was almost closing, and there was only little time left to admire her body of work.

Here a small photo gallery,according to my personal taste, of all taken ones, I chose the ones that inspired me by the softness and whiteness of the snow that covered the tyrolean town.

The same lights, the same whites and the same softness that Helene knows how to make shine through her works. There were also other good works but I wanted to dwell on these, because snow whas the main issue the hole day, it accompanied us for the two days of our stay and then up to Brenner on the way back.

Ceramics for those who love it, sometimes, is just a medium, but it's also a thread that unites people, so it was for all of us, in these days of friendship and joy across the border.

Danilo Rigon