Water - fluid of life June 8th to 16th 2019 Plitvice lakes in Croatia

Water - fluid of life June 8th to 16th 2019.
organized by International ceramic centre atelier Janja Gora and Lou Smedts at National park Plitvice lakes in Croatia

The theme of the exhibition is water in all its aspects and forms. Water as a universal life force, life's fluid, source of inspiration. And what better place to get inspired and to experience this force but the Plitvice lakes, a national
park with 16 falling lakes and countless waterfalls in the midst of Lika region, Croatian highlands.

Lately, water has been studied not only by scientists but also by explorers, artists, philosophers and ecologists. They study the phenomenon of water, they try to explain all the extraordinary qualities that make this fluid specific and unique to this planet and universe. Given those recent discoveries we learn that water has the power to heal as well as destruct, it has a process of self-cleansing, it is a bearer of important biological information and it has memory!

All of these are reasons to look at water differently today, to think of it as more of a universal being than an omnipresent matter that creates and supports all life (and living beings) on Earth! With these feelings we invite you to give a couple of thoughts to water and see how it replies!

Join us on this feast of art and nature. Spare a moment to think about water. What it is for you, how do you perceive it, how does it communicate with you, how do you translate it in to your own life, your creativity and
your work. Participate with your artwork on our exhibition and join 70 other artists from all over the globe.

The exhibition wil be held from June 8th to 16th 2019. at hotel Jezero, national park Plitvice Lakes. The works will be presented inside and in the open air atrium of the hotel.

Why 2019? There are several very good reasons to that. This year Plitvice lakes national park is celebrating 70 years of their official national park status (since 1949), 40 years of UNESCO recognition (since 1979), and a
beginning of a new phase in their existence, with focus on sustainability and cooperation with the local community. One of the activities is blending nature and art, presenting different ways of looking at and interacting with water. Our International ceramics centre Atelier Janja Gora, celebrates 10 years of official existence this year and 13 years from the beginning of the project.

In the second part of this letter you wil find the terms and conditions for participating artists as well as the
program of the exhibition. The program itself might be subjected to some minor changes but all participants will
be informed and kept up to date by the newsletter about all changes and other important things concerning the

For all your questions, suggestions and application you can contact: Lou Smedts, curator of the exhibition: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Branko Šupica, organization: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; FB: Branko Šupica.

Program of the exhibition:

June 8th
, Saturday - Expo opening
18.00 welcoming speech, Branko Šupica, Lou Smedts
18.15 Kazimir Miculinić, National park Plitvice Lakes
18.45 opening concert Putokazi
19.30 opening and buffet

June 9th
, Sunday
9.30 Visiting the national park, guided tour
16.30 Dolly Kao, China, Tea ceremony presentation
17.30 Lidija Boševski, Croatia, Mare modul
18.00 Lauren Moreira, Italy, More Clay Less Plastic

June 10th 2019
, Monday*
Whole day guided excursion: Krk isle. Boat trip along the dolphins and Griffon Vulture habitats.
Participation cost € 50,- (includes transport by touring bus, professional guide, lunch).

June 11th 2019
, Tuesday*
Whole day guided excursion: Visiting Nikola Tesla memorial centre, brown bear refuge centre Kuterevo,
Northern Velebit National Park. Participation cost € 50,- (includes transport by touring bus, professional guide,

June 12th 2019
. Wednesday*
Whole day guided excursion, city of Zagreb and Karlovac (Aquatika – freshwater aquarium).
Participation cost € 50,- (includes transport by touring bus, professional guide, lunch)

June 13th 2019
. Thursday*
Atelje Janja Gora, visit, presentation, open day, celebration of 13 years from the start of the project.

June 14th 2019
. Friday
18.00 Elke Duerr, USA, documentary: I am Water

June 15th 2019
, Saturday
16.30 Dolly Kao, China, Tea ceremony presentation
17.30 Lecture about water
18.30 Lou Smedts, Germany, lecture -, International collaboration
20.00 Closing expo

June 16th 2019
, Sunday
Disassembling and packaging.
*Note: Excursions are optional but we would like to know in advance if you want to participate due to a reservation and organization of the days.

Participating terms and conditions

- Works must be ceramic art (at least 60% clay).
- Every participant can send up to 3 works (tea or other sets count as 1 piece)
- Participation fee € 200,- (includes 1 catalogue and one poster of the exhibition, entrance to NP Plitvice lakes,
insurance and opening buffet and dinner).
For the catalogue we need:
- one picture of each presented work in high 300 dpi print resolution (3216 × 4288 pix, minimum 1800 pix
on shorter side of the image)
- portrait photo (min 1200 pix)
- contact information you want to publish (website, FB, mail address)
- application form
- list of works with name, description and price
- artist statement text in English of max 250 words.
Note: If you want to publish text also in your native language the max length is 250 words for both texts
Note 2: we are interested in your idea and vision of water, as how does inspire your work and your life. So don't send your CV or professional achievements.
- All materials for the catalogue will be published 'as delivered'. The grammar, quality and style of your text as well as the quality of the images is fully your responsibility. We will send you the draft version of your pages in the catalogue for your final approval.
Applications for the exhibition are due March 15th, 2019.
Payments are due March 31st, 2019.
Catalogue materials delivery due March 31st, 2019.
Final approval of the pages April 30th, 2019.
Works sending due May 31st, 2019.
For the organizational reasons we would like to receive the works in May 2019. You can also bring your works by yourself. In that case they need to be here by Friday, June 7th, 2019.

 Official domumentation: Invitation letter + terms - Application form

Sincerely yours
Branko Šupica Lou Smedts