Mara Ruzza artist and explorer with "Bozzolo luce"

bozzolo-luce-1I knew Mara Ruzza years ago and each time I meet her I gues that from the trunk of her car will come out something that will intrigue me or impress me, they would be her own works or her findings, doesn't matter because from her hands or her eyes, are Mara's creatures.

I really like ask to Mara  how and where she found them, wood consumed by the flowing of a river or from the saltiness of the sea, clods of dried clay, stones lived from the time, I don't know how she can find so easily, it seems that they are to find Mara, or her eyes can see what remains hidden to many.

After these discoveries she begins the transformative phase, not only an explorer, start to get out of her belly, emotions that through the ceramic material are formed on these sculptures educated by nature, sometimes covering and sometimes embedding on the perfect way to melt in a master-piece. Mara cannot get full maternity of these works because she is mother and in the same time daughter.

In these images we can see how she combined a beached root with one of her porcelain cocoon, transforming it into a beautiful table lamp, which becomes the artwork and a everyday item keeping all its artistic power and with the light more force, making the bozzolo a living artwork.

Danilo Rigon

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