Ceramiche d'arte F. L. di Campagnaro Fabrizio e Loriano s.n.c.
Via Giotto 6 - Travettore di Rosà (Vicenza)
Tel. ++39 424 580039 - fax ++39 424 581658

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The art of Ceramics F.L. Orgia was born in 1965 in Bassano del Grappa near Venice, Italy.  All the items are hand-designed, hand-made and hand-decorated by the experts hands of italian artisans which care to pass on to the new generations the secrets of this art.

Every shape and decoration can be personalized under requests of the customers. We produce  ceramic home accessories with flowers, roses, shells and fruits decorated with crystals, gold and platinum.


Gift, furnishing accessories - Baskets, lights, vases and home accessories with flowers, roses and fruit.