Via Righetto 51
- 36056 Nove (Vicenza)
Tel. ++39 0424 829419

The Tecnoforni Sas, was born twenty years ago from the experiences of Baù Flavio, is active in the planning and assembly machines; construction and maintenance kilns for pottery, porcelain, glass, etc. .. During these years the continuing work on all types and brands of furnaces made it possible to better understand the characteristics to build furnaces with greater functionality and reliability.

The Tecnoforni alongside the production of kilns, the construction of barns and heat exchangers for the recovery of the same, with significant energy savings, switchboards with microprocessor, centralizations with computerized videocontrol. In addition to construction, the Tecnoforni Sas buys and sells used ovens, after a suitable accommodation and made the second under current regulations


Accessories, hobby, machinery, services - ceramic kilns, porcelain kilns, high temperature kilns, raku kilns, potter-wheels, spray cabines, driers.