Laboratorio Ceramico Fratelli Zarpellon Snc di Adriano e Sergio Zarpellon
Via Molini 47/51 - 36055 Nove (Vicenza)
Tel. ++39 0424 590039

"Zarpellon Brothers" specialized in ceramic glazes manufacturing, lusters with gold and platinum decorations enriched by rich crystals bezels. A creative environment par excellence, the laboratory has always availed itself of artistic talents, that are numerous in the family; Who knows what runs in the Zarpellon blood inborn instinct to an artistic vision of things!

There is something refined and innovative about any object that is produced by them, something that cannot be not easily found in any other productions.

The ability to turn an ordinary everyday object into something decorative for homes has made it possible to transform a pair of shoes into a decoration piece for a book shelf; a piece on a chessboard into a spotlight or more spotlights for the house, making it into a theater from a game, where lights become movement, where the queen becomes a subject in a living room and pawns are on guard in the nightstands of the room.

Chess Line designed by Studio Anna&Fred Paris - Zarpellon art at home


Gift, furnishing accessories, lighting, design - table lamps gold and platinum decorated, modern design home accessories, ceramic centerpieces and accessories.