Pharmacy vases by La bottega del ceramista

The collection reflects a use of ceramic pharmacy vases which was in the mid-fourteenth century, a period that saw a large spread. The vessels in addition to being convenient and hygienic, they were items that were suitable for practical use and ornamental.
The writing, as well as indicating the content, in turn, became part of the decoration.

The current production includes various types: majolica jars, jugs, etc. .. basins
The best known is the albarello of oriental origin, was used for centuries to transport spices, ointments and medicines from the most remote areas of the world, was also a symbol of apothecaries in the eighteenth century.

The shapes and decorations in addition to retrace some of the reasons that have occurred over the centuries, are complemented by other decors that are exclusive to potter's workshop can be customized on request.
The production is performed within the company by expert craftsmen who take care of every detail.

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Pharmacy vases, Pavia University (Italian language).