Valle d'Oro Patchi
Via dell'Olmo 37/a
- 36056 Nove (Vicenza)
Tel. ++39 0424 829125

Large amphors, vases, flower-pot covers, columns, lamps, fountains, tables, umbrella stands, wallappliqués, all objects which are outstanding for their size and exquisite finish. Great craftsmanship is manifest in the pieces which are hand finished and have excellent detail.

The classic elegant forms, the splendid lacquers, the floral decorations and chinoiseries made in natural colours or in gold, the very large sizes of certain objects are evidence of the firm's great technical ability and the capacity of its modellers and decorators. From the smallest and simplest pieces to the largest and most complex, in each item one notices the quality of the craftsmanship which has no rivals

Gift, furnishing accessories, lighting - ceramic fountains, vases, big vases, tables, columns, piedestals, lamps, mirrors, photo frames