The Quinquennial Tile Award

After the success of the first two editions, on Tuesday 23 September 2014, the award-giving ceremony of the third edition of The Quinquennial Tile Award was held in the unique setting of the Biblioteca Salaborsa in Bologna.
The award, organised by Fincibec, proved to be well established and consolidated, so much that it has become a long-awaited and important international event held every two years.

From the residential to the contractor sector, the global building industry explores the various expressions of ceramics and its interesting evolution.
With this strong success, the fourth edition of QTA, “the award that grows with the strength of your ideas”, has been launched.

The focus is on the expressive use of the material, from interior design to the building industry, sectors in which floorings, finishes and ceramic coatings have an increasingly prominent role in giving a connotation to architectural projects.

From 24 September 2014 to 31 March 2016 candidates can submit their application, which is turning out to be increasingly stimulating, with a view of bestowing an international vocation to the competition.

The first five winners will receive an El Ciclo electric bicycle, completely Made in Italy.


“The Quinquennial Tile Award, Fourth Edition”:
The international award dedicated to those that create living spaces.

1) Name:
The Quinquennial Tile Award, Fourth Edition.

2) Objective:
''The Quinquennial Tile Award, Fourth Edition'' is an international award reserved to all those professionals that through the creative use ceramic materials by the Fincibec Group - Naxos, Monocibec and Century trademarks, have completed important works in the architecture and design field. The initiative is conceived and promoted by the Fincibec Group and stems from the desire to select and reward the five best international artists who have completed works in the period between 01/01/2011 and 31/12/2015 in all building fields whether residential, public, industrial or commercial.

3) Term:
Registration from 24 September 2014 to 31 March 2016, with the convening of the expert judges by 31 May 2016 for designation of the winning entries.

4) Area of Operation:

5) Participation:
A Architects, designers, interior designers, engineers, surveyors, technicians, professional architecture or design, project developers, are able to participate in the ''The Quinquennial Tile Award, Fourth Edition'' at no charge, for project developers even unqualified, which have created works using ceramic materials by the Fincibec Group - Naxos, Monocibec and Century trademarks.
Works presented by individuals or groups will be eligible to enter the award, provided that the manager of the group is specified, to which the Secretariat Office will refer to in any communication. The group participating in the Award must also indicate on the registration form, the person to whom the prize will be awarded should they win.
Each participant may enter one or more works. Each participant shall have exclusive responsibility for providing his/her consent for the works presented, as well as that of the client/owner, both for the purposes of participation in the Award and for the purposes of any subsequent publications.

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