III Edition Ceramic&Colours Award - Faenza Italy 2020

ceramiccolours-award2020The Faenza Art Ceramic Center announces the third edition of the "Ceramic&Colours Award", a ceramic competition with the aim of promoting and enhancing the research in the field of ceramic glazes for the finishing of ceramic objects.

For 2020 edition the "Crystalline glaze" effect has been selected.

It is a kind of finishing of ceramic glass surfaces that can be developed both at high and low temperature, whose main characteristic is the formation of macro crystals that can be easily seen with naked eyes. All matt or satin surfaces, that in many cases can turn out because of a devitrification of the glazes during the cooling process, are therefore excluded from the competition. We would like to highlight that because of the technical nature of the competition, the technical committee will mainly take into account the artworks that will better develop the potential of this theme and its complexity: the size of the crystals, chromatism and chemical nature of the crystallization caused by zinc, molybdenum, vanadium, wolfram, titanium, lithium, etc.

The Award is open to everybody, with no restrictions concerning age, gender, nationality or else. Each competitor may present only one work.
Procedures and deadlines for application
Terms and conditions of registration
Registration for the competition is free.
The request for registration for the prize must be formalized by sending to the Faenza Art Ceramic Center WITHIN AND NOT LATER THAN 30/04/2020.

All necessary information and participation forms are available at the link: III ed. Ceramic colors award competition


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