Terrània, the International Pottery Festival on September 25th, 26th and 27th 2020

01-terrania-2020Montblanc will celebrate again Terrània, the International Pottery Festival on September 25th, 26th and
27th. The event has become one of the most successful in ceramics world and year after year it featuresceramicists from all around Europe, including Catalonia, Spain, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, UnitedKingdom...
The Festival takes place in the old Gothic church of Sant Francesc (13th century) and its cloister, with kiln firings, exhibitions of ceramics, selling exhibition, workshops, demonstrations and live music.
If you are interested in participating, please send the documentation and the application form which can be downloaded online at: www.terrania.cat The application process for Festival artists 2019 will open from 15th January to 31th March. We inform you that ceramicists who have already participated two years consecutively, must wait a year to participate again. Being elected one year does not guarantee to be elected to participate thefollowing year.

The cost is 100€ which has to be paid once you receive the acceptance letter to participate in Terrània. This quantity will be repaid at your arrival in Montblanc. Potters who will attend for the second time will be half repaid and participants who have participated more than twice will not be repaid.
The organization:

  • Will send confirmation letters to successful and unsuccessful applicants in April.
  • Will provide a table (3m x 1m), and chairs.
  • WARNING: For all those who prefer to bring its own stand, must have concerned of the measures and have to contact it.
  • Will keep the right of taking apart a stand if it does not correspond with the photographs sent.
  • Informs that lightning of the stands will be the one that the church has and more lamp posts will be provided for each stand.
  • Will keep the right of changing the rules if it is necessary.
  • Will use your personal details given at the application form and a photograph to make a catalogue.
  • Will choose three pottery jewellery stands. The other stands will not be able to send jewellery.

Do not hesitate to pass this information to other people you know. You will find further information and a video about this event at www.terrania.cat where you will also find the application form to take part in the festival.
Montblanc Council and the potters of La Conca de Barberà are looking forward to your attendance in one of the most attractive events that will take place in Montblanc this year.